The Beauty Stain Project is for the woman suffering from visible skin discoloration/deformities like; vitiligo, hyper-pigmentation, scars, or rosacea. The mission of the project is to increase self-esteem and lower depression rates among young girls and women with these conditions by providing holistic solutions. The Beauty Stain Project  promotes women’s   confidence, stability and appreciation for their unique beauty. We seek to dispel the myth that “a ton of makeup is what makes you beautiful”   We  promote images and stories of women embracing unadorned, beautiful and natural skin. The Beauty Stain Project  via numerous volunteer efforts , reaches women directly, promotes female empowerment   and increased confidence . The Beauty Stain Project hosts workshops and provides free makeovers for women through collaborations with non-profit organizations. Recent Beat Bar Beauty media features and publications include Kenneth Cole's Look Good for Good Campaign, The Queen Collection by Lucky Peters, and Iman Cosmetics. Please see the Co-founders "Vitiligo: Freedom From Makeup" video interview below: