Why do rumors of bleached skin surround people diagnosed with vitiligo?

Grammy nominated singer and  co-host of day tv show The Real,Tamar Braxton was recently featured on the Dr. Oz show to discuss her battle with vitiligo and rumors of skin bleaching.

Dr Oz:  Dr. Oz explained that vitiligo is when immune cells attack the pigment making cells in ones body. He also discussed various treatment options such as laser treatments, micro skin, and other concealment options.

Tamar on her skin:  She stated that her condition irritates her so much because ever since she was a little girl she’s dealt with vitiligo; she mentioned that she used to sit on her hands because of how embarrassed she was of her condition. She stated that she does not bleach her skin and instead deals with the condition by tanning and wearing makeup and wigs,

Why the Critics?   Why do rumors of bleached skin surround people diagnosed with vitiligo? Is it mis-matched makeup? The appearance of depigmentation only in certain areas? Is it the popularity of skin bleaching among people of color in certain countries?

BeatBarBeauty commends Tamar for using her platform to shed light on the issues faced by individuals like us. The constant stares, questioning, and rumors regarding our skin conditions not only create insecurities but also make us feel exhaustion from having to respond to such inquiries. Instead of being celebrated for our uniqueness we are constantly trying to be figured out. I for one would love if such inquiries were left up to doctors and scientists who are qualified to make such determination.